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What are the Bank Fees for Checks or Card Replacement?

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Updated October 2, 2023​

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Most banks in the US do not charge fees for checks or card replacement, however, those that charge usually do charge an average of between $5-$7.50 per card replaced. An average charge of $35 is charged by most US banks for replacement of checks.

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Common Fees for Checks or Card Replacement

Modern banking has become very easy given the multiple channels provided by banks to their clients in matters related to deposits, withdrawals and account balance inquiries. The use of ATM debit or credit cards and checks especially in the US is very popular and is widely used by a large population of banked citizens. In the dynamic banking industry, some banks charge their clients fees when acquiring or replacing their checks or cards while others offer free card and check replacement services.

Majority of ten (10) largest US banks offer lost card replacements at no charge at all especially when they are delivered through the standard US mail system. However, some banks in the US still charge for card replacements, and their fee typically ranges from US $5 to US $7.50 per every card replaced. In addition, banks offer varying charge rates for regular and rush service replacements, where a fee of between US $5 to US $7.50 applies for regular replacements and US $30 for rush service replacements. Regular replacements of lost cards take a week or more to replace while the rush service is quick and the process reduced to a day. Compare the best banking options in your area:

Urgent Replacement: Fees for Checks or Card Replacement

The need and the urgency to have a credit card replaced may accrue higher charges if the last time of replacement was soon or the bearer of the card had replaced the card not long ago. Chase Bank offers free replacement of cards that are requested through the standard mail system, however, for rush shipping a cost of US $5 is charged. On the other hand, the Bank of America charges US $5 for card replacements, however, no charge is effected for replacements done to expired cards.

You can use this list to find a strategy for identifying the Bank Fees for Card Replacement.

Fees for Replacing Checkbooks

Most of US banks offer an initial checkbook for free especially when an entity or individual is opening an account with them. However, after the first checkbook is spent, banks charge a standard fee that varies within the various banks, and that is determined by the number of check leaves in the checkbook, with an average of US $35 being the average fee. Moreover, a box of check duplicates ordered through the bank costs US $35 or more depending on the quantity. Interestingly, most banks do not print the checks rather they send them to third-party printers such as Deluxe and Harland Clarke.

You can use this list to find a strategy for identifying the Bank Fees for Check Replacement.

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