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What To Do With A Check After Mobile Deposit

Written by Allison Martin

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Updated February 14, 2024​

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what to do with check after mobile deposit

You received a check from a relative, friend, or for a business transaction and want to deposit it sooner rather than later. Many financial institutions offer a mobile check deposit feature that makes it easy to deposit checks while on the go without visiting a physical branch. In this guide, you’ll learn more about how it works and where to find a good bank that offers this service for free.

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What Is Mobile Check Deposit?

Mobile check deposit lets you deposit checks while on the go without having to visit a physical branch. Instead, you’ll open your bank or credit union’s mobile app, select the mobile deposit feature and capture the front and back of the check using your smartphone’s or other mobile devices’ camera.

Is Mobile Check Deposit Safe?

Mobile check deposit is safe. However, you want to confirm you’re using the correct mobile app for your financial institution before initiating a mobile deposit to minimize your chances of being victimized by a fraudster.

What To Do With A Check After Mobile Deposit

Once you complete a mobile deposit, you shouldn’t toss the check in the nearest trash bin or shred it. Here’s what to do instead.

How Long To Keep A Check After Mobile Deposit

Ideally, you should keep your check until the funds are posted to your account for 30 days. Be sure to mark it as “VOID” with a permanent mark or pen once the deposit is complete.

When To Shred The Paper Check After A Mobile Deposit

You’re free to shred the paper check after you confirm the check is posted to your account and is no longer in pending status.

How To Find A Good Bank With Mobile Check Deposit

You can walk into just about any bank or credit union, and the teller will inform you that a mobile check deposit is available through the financial institution’s mobile app. But if you want to upgrade your experience, consider the Current mobile app.

It offers transparent services on the go, convenient access, and high-yield savings accounts while allowing users to deposit checks via their mobile app. Members also enjoy faster direct deposit, overdraft protection, generous cashback rewards, fee-free ATM withdrawals, and so much more.

Current offers two accounts to choose from:

Current Account (free)

  • Basic White Visa debit card with a secured chip
  • Instant purchase notifications
  • One budget for a single spending category
  • Standard direct deposit
  • One savings pod that earns up to a 4 percent bonus
  • Valuable spending insights

Teen Account (free)

  • White or Black Visa debit card
  • Instant purchase notifications
  • One budget for a single spending category
  • Standard direct deposit
  • One giving pod for charitable contributions
  • Immediate release of gas station holds

Sign up for the account that best suits your needs in under two minutes. Visit their website to get started with the mobile app and open a bank account. It’s available on Google Play and AppStore.

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Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding mobile check deposits.

Do banks have a maximum amount for how much you can deposit?

Yes, some financial institutions cap the amount you can deposit by check using the mobile deposit feature. It depends on your bank or credit union, so connect with a representative to confirm limits that apply to your account.

Can banks place holds on mobile deposits?

Mobile check deposits are sometimes available immediately, while others are released the next business day, depending on the time of day the deposit is initiated. There are also instances where the bank will hold your account for several business days until the funds clear.

Can banks return a deposit if a check bounces?

If the check comes back unpaid, you’ll be on the hook for any funds you spend. You could also incur non-sufficient funds fees or overdraft fees.

How to endorse check for mobile deposit correctly

To correctly endorse a check, flip it over and sign it using a black or blue pen. Notate that it’s “for mobile deposit only” directly under your signature, and check the “mobile deposit” box if applicable.

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