All in all, SmartCredit has to be one of the easiest tools out there where you can manage finances, scores and alerts all in one place. It gives you a feeling of being in complete control.
SmartCredit offers an all-in-one software to manage and improve your credit score, fix your credit report, get protection against identity theft and more.
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SmartCredit membership features are perfectly suited for taking charge of your credit score. Apart from getting your credit, auto, insurance, and hiring risk scores (not many monitoring products have all of these), monthly membership comes with access to smart tools like Jean Chatzky Score Builder and Debt Negotiator. Plus, if you want to compare your score from the “big three” bureaus, it’s easy to order credit reports from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

These are the highlighted features that come with SmartCredit software:

  1. Credit Score Tracker: See all your different types of credit scores and see how they’re progressing. Compare where you stand with your own credit score.
  2. Credit Score Builder: Get a unique personalized 120-day plan with clear actions to take to help build yourself a better credit score. Understand what it may be hurting your score to rectify these.
  3. Credit Score Master: Know your future score before you apply, pay or spend and when it may be the best time for your to apply for a credit card, auto loan, mortgage or other credit. You can also balance the spending between your accounts and know the optimum time to repay to improve your score.
  4. Credit Report and Credit Repair: Access your credit history and report in a simple and innovative way. You can fix errors easily: with a simple button you can remove identity theft, negotiate debts, resolve reporting problems and ask questions directly with your creditors. No forms to fill out, letters or phone calls.
  5. Money Manager: Aggregate all your financial accounts (including bank accounts, credit cards, loans) to get birds-eye, detailed views of your financial situation—all in one place. Accounts are updated automatically and regularly throughout the day. With simple push-button actions, you can ask questions, resolve issues on your credit report, or negotiate better rates.
  6. Alerts: As an added bonus, custom alerts are easy to set up. You can get alerts sent via email or text message for upcoming due dates, new accounts, large transactions, changes on your credit report and new credit inquiries. Alerts are a must-have feature if you want to stop identity theft in its tracks. It’s all about visibility and control.
  7. Identity Theft Protection: Activate this feature to get up to $1 million identity fraud insurance for peace of mind. It will covers your entire family residing in your household, including bank, savings, brokerage, lines of Credit, credit cards, and cash out of pocket expenses incurred in your ID recovery future or pre-existing fraud you didn’t know about.

Since SmartCredit software is completely mobile friendly you can manage everything credit wise on the move from your cell phone. Or you can also download their mobile app to make it even easier for you.

SmartCredit Pricing

  • 7-day trial for $1
  • Then $9.99/month

Ease of Registration

It’s simple. The registration process is like any other credit monitoring service; fill in the basics, verify your identity, and add a payment method. Once you are signed in, connecting your accounts is straightforward since it finds your accounts for you—no guessing or searching required.

Bottom Line

If you want to monitor your credit and finances in one place, SmartCredit is an excellent option.

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All in all, SmartCredit has to be one of the easiest tools out there where you can manage finances, scores and alerts all in one place. It gives you a feeling of being in complete control.

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