National Debt Relief Debt Settlement Program

Become Debt-Free in 24-60 Months
Lower your payments without applying for loans or declaring bankruptcy with National Debt Relief debt settlement program.
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24-60 months
Average Time To Be Debt-Free
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National Debt Relief
Program Type
Debt settlement
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Covers the majority of unsecured loans
Average Time To Be Debt-Free
24 to 60 months
Upfront Fees
Cost of the Program
18-25% based on your total debt


National Debt Relief provides a debt settlement program to individuals who want to become debt-free. As a highly-rated and accredited company, they can offer you debt consolidation services with a simple payment plan and features that allow them to see all progress made.

Debt Settlement Program: How It Works

The National Debt Relief Program has helped many people become debt-free, between 24 and 60 months on average. 

  1. Free Consultation: Apply for a free consultation, where a debt consultant will assess your current overall financial situation.
  2. Personalized Repayment Plan: Based on your circumstances, you will get help to tailor a payment plan that works for you.
  3. Start repaying: Since you got a plan that works for you based on your overall financial situation, you will be able to pay other bills while settling your debt. You can also set up automatic payments to your settlement account not to miss payments.
  4. Bet debt-free: As long as you keep up with the National Debt Relief Debt Settlement Program’s payments, you can achieve financial freedom in an average of 24 to 60 months. As a bonus, get access to other tools like a budget planner or debt calculator to restore your financial health.

Who Is The Debt Settlement Program For?

Suppose you can’t afford your monthly credit card payments or are behind other loans monthly payments. Or you need an alternative to bankruptcy or a way to make financial progress. You have experienced financial hardship due to unemployment, divorce, death, medical expenses, or income loss. If you are in any of these situations, a debt settlement program may be for you. 

The National Debt Relief Debt Settlement Program is ideal for people with at least $7,500 in debt from unsecured loans, looking to pay the lowest fees available. 

The types of debt they can design a debt settlement program for include major and department credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, credit unions, collection accounts, and in certain situations, some secured debts or private student loans. Other types of debt like car loans, federal student loans, mortgages secured with collateral or child support, they won’t be able to help you with.

How Much Does Does It Cost?

National Debt Relief won’t charge you any fees upfront and has a generous cancellation and refund policy if you’re not satisfied. These are the general costs of the debt settlement program:

  • Fees are usually 18% to 25%, depending on your total debt.
  • You can add these fees into your payments to avoid paying at once at the end of the debt settlement program.
  • If you cancel at any time, they will not charge any penalty.
  • Get a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the results.

How To Get Started

You can get started by simply filling out a form with your contact details and debt situation to apply for a free consultation with a National Debt Relief debt specialist.

National Debt Relief
National Debt Relief Debt Settlement Program

Become Debt-Free in 24-60 Months

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