Money Management International

Get help to beat debt and reach your financial goals.
MMI is specialized in providing nonprofit solutions to people facing financial challenges. They offer financial education and counseling services to help you meet your financial goals.
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Money Management International MMI was formed in 1997 as “Money Management by Mail” as a coalition of six debt relief organizations. After updating their name for the modern era in 2003, they have continued to work as an organization that leads the industry in debt relief planning. MMI has built a strong reputation as an organization that truly has the consumer’s best interests in mind. They stand out as a unique option among other financial providers since their focus is on helping consumers over profits.

What Makes Money Management International Great?

Money Management International MMI stands out in the personal loan sphere as a reliable nonprofit. The history of MMI stretches back to 1958, bringing over sixty years of experience to the modern day. As recently as 2016, MMI has joined forces with major credit counseling agencies, building themselves into the largest “full service nonprofit consumer credit counseling organization” in America. With a reliable track record and a desire to put people over profits, Money Management International is a unique, reliable option for personal loans.

Do I Qualify?

Since MMI functions primarily as a debt relief organization, their method of extending personal loans is focused on relieving financial hardship. There are other companies more suited to extending lines of credit for entrepreneurship and business loans, but MMI is tough to beat for debt management loans. Qualifications will be based on your situation and credit score, but MMI’s nonprofit status and strong history allow them to assist in many situations.

How Do I Work With Money Management International?

The first step is visiting the MMI website and speaking with a debt counselor. MMI counselors are available on the phone 24/7, and you can also visit their website and work through the form yourself before they follow up. Once you’ve made contact with a debt counselor, the process of getting things rolling can take longer than other banks since they’ll need to go through the consolidation process. The amount of time this takes can vary from situation to situation, and the whole thing can be a trying process. However, a quick glance over their Reviews will set you at ease. Once you’ve submitted your information, MMI will keep you in the loop while everything is processed and approved.

Bottom Line

Money Management International doesn’t have the wide suite of offerings that many banks do. They’re not the place to open a new credit card or look into CDs, and it’s unlikely they’re the best place to assist you with a startup business loan. But they do one thing incredibly well: debt relief. If you need help with debt consolidation or relief, MMI should absolutely be an organization you check out. Their nonprofit status means they can analyze each individual situation and ensure that they’re doing everything they can to help. With a history that goes back to the 1950s, MMI’s stability is unrivaled among other banks. It’s rare to find a financial institution that truly puts the customer first. MMI is truly dedicated to relieving their client’s debts, and their honesty and priority in this area are a breath of fresh air among financial organizations.

OK, Let’s Get Started

Debt management can be tiring and difficult, with stress getting worse as debt builds. When you decide to get assistance with your debt, MMI is a great place to start. Their history and focus on debt relief are unparalleled in the industry. With over sixty years of experience across multiple companies, MMI has seen nearly every issue possible. They’ve continued to evolve with changing times and industries and they’re better-positioned than ever to help out consumers that need it. If you’re ready to send in your information for a consultation, you can start on the Online Consultation Form page. If you’d like to speak to someone on the phone, they can be reached at 866-889-9347.

  • Money Management International’s status as a long-established nonprofit makes them reliable and trustworthy in a unique way, providing something that no other bank can offer.
  • MMI focuses on personal loans for debt relief and consolidation. Their focus on ensuring that they create a plan for every approved applicant with the potential to get through the woods. Debt can be absolutely crushing and no institution understands what it takes to get out like MMI. That said, there are other options in the financial industry when it comes to other needs, but MMI’s focus on personal loans for debt relief can’t be beat.
  • Another benefit of working with MMI is their commitment to work directly with creditors. This can cause a longer-than-usual approval process while they get their plan in place, but for the purposes of debt relief their connections simply can’t be beat.
  • One of the major feathers in MMI’s cap is their overwhelmingly positive percentage of reviews. Over 1,300 customers have reviewed MMI on Trustpilot, maintaining a 5-star average. 97% of the reviews are 3-star or better, making it clear that MMI’s reliable reputation is well-deserved.
Money Management International
Money Management International

Get help to beat debt and reach your financial goals.

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