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Credit Karma makes it easy to review your credit score and see all the open and closed credit accounts that affect that score. This online website shows you your credit score from two credit agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. You can also use the service to do your taxes each year.

The website offers you recommendations for new credit cards or personal loans. The service also shows you ways that you can raise your credit score based on your actions. If you see incorrect information in your credit file, you can dispute the info from your dashboard on the Credit Karma website.

From your personal Credit Karma dashboard, you can explore your options for buying and financing a new or used car or a home. The website can also help you shop for car insurance along with other types based on your credit score.

About Credit Karma

In 2007, Kenneth Lin and cofounders Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard decided it was time to help people understand their credit scores and have easy access to the same information that potential lenders did.

The goal of the company was to make the playing field more even for consumers who needed to borrow money. Also, it created a way for consumers to see their personal information on their credit report without paying for a copy or applying for credit to get a copy.

The website launch in 2008 was struggling due to the hard economic times but had over a million members within the first five years. The company continued to preserver even in the economic downturn.

Today, Credit Karma has more than 100,000,000 members who access their credit files routinely, and this has removed much of the mystery surrounding credit reports and items that affect your credit score.

Credit Karma’s Unique Features

Credit Karma was the first website to launch that allowed consumers to see their credit reports and scores for free. Although other companies would follow, Credit Karma continued to add features.

You can view your credit matches for credit cards and personal loans. The website shows you the credit that you’re most likely to qualify for based on your personal credit score, and you can apply for those cards and loans directly from their website.

The website also allows you the chance to do your taxes, walking you through the steps and finally allowing you to file the completed forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Credit Karma’s Services

Credit Karma is an innovative company. They are always adding new services since its start as a simple way to see your credit report in 2008. Here are some of their best services:

  • View TransUnion credit score
  • View Equifax credit score
  • Review TransUnion credit file
  • Review Equifax credit file
  • Tax software to determine and file taxes
  • Recommended credit cards and personal loans
  • Explore car loans and vehicles for sale
  • Auto insurance
  • Other types of insurance
  • File disputes you find on your credit report
  • Explore home loans
  • Quick links to a variety of financial calculators
  • Credit Karma Money Spend account (similar to a checking account)

Credit Karma makes it easy to understand your credit and the amount of debt you have at any given time. They can help you find new credit cards and loans. If you’re looking for a partner in your finances, this company has a lot to offer you.

Cost of Using Credit Karma

Credit Karma takes pride in the fact that its services are always free to the consumer. This is true of each and every service they offer. From the tax prep and filing to allowing you to see your credit report and file a dispute, you’re never charged a penny.

Although you do need to provide Credit Karma with your basic information, such as your date of birth and your Social Security number, they never ask for your credit card number or a link to a bank account. They make their money by referring you to credit card and personal loan offers. The companies pay Credit Karma for the referrals.

How to Get Started With Credit Karma

You simply need to go through the sign-up process on Credit Karma’s website. You’ll need to provide your basic information, such as your date of birth, email, Social Security number, and address. You also need to create a password.

It’s important to note that you need to use an email address that you plan to have access to use indefinitely. Once you create your account, you can’t create another with a new email address. You can change your email address from the dashboard. However, if you forget your password, the only way to reset it is with an email from Credit Karma. The email address needs to be active, and you need to be able to use it to accomplish resetting your password.

FAQs (4)

  • How Accurate Is Credit Karma?

    Credit Karma is extremely accurate. It updates your TransUnion credit file daily.

  • Is Credit Karma legit?

    Yes, Credit Karma is a legit company and website.

  • Does Using Credit Karma Hurt Your Credit Score?

    No, using Credit Karma does not hurt your credit score.

  • Is Credit Karma a Truly Free Service?

    Yes, all of Credit Karma’s services are free to use.

Credit Karma

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Experian is a consumer credit reporting company that can help you access your credit report, understand, check and improve your credit scores.

Credit Karma Products and Services

Auto Loans

Credit Reports

Review the information on your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports. Dispute any errors. Apply for credit cards and personal loans.

Learn more

Credit Karma Money Spend

Receive a Credit Karma debit card and deposit your paychecks into this account without service fees. You can even receive your paycheck two days early.

Learn more

Complete and File Taxes

Use Credit Karma to complete your tax returns and file them. They offer this service for both federal and state returns.

Learn more

Compare Insurance Rates

You don't want to pay any more than necessary for insurance. You can compare insurance products from a variety of companies in one location.

Learn more
Auto Loans

Car Financing

Find the best matches for your credit profile in auto financing. Credit Karma shows you your best matches.

Learn more

Find a Mortgage Company

Using your credit profile, Credit Karma shows you the lenders most likely to approve a mortgage for you.

Learn more

Why Us

Credit Karma Money Spend

Similar to a checking account, you deposit your paycheck and use a debit card to spend the money. You can receive your paycheck two days early.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Since you're required to file your taxes each, you're probably already using an online service, but they charge you to do the actual filing. It's free to prepare and file your taxes.

Credit Reports From TransUnion and Equifax

Credit Karma shows you both your Trans Union and Equifax credit reports. You can look at each listing on the report and dispute it from their website.

Get Your Free Credit Score

Sign up to Credit Karma to get a free credit score, and access financial products based on your score as well as approval odds before applying to avoid hurting it.

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