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Atom Finance is an investment app providing you with the tools and the data you need to make smarter moves as an investor.


Ever wonder how serious investors decide how to invest in one stock over another? Atom Finance is a software platform designed to give the average investor access to the same information as the Wall Street types.

Using Atom Finance, you can research stocks and other financial institutions and their instruments to determine if you want to invest in them. This service is similar to Bloomberg without the expensive price tag.

You can track specific stocks and funds to see how they’re doing in real-time. In addition, Atom’s platform also offers you the option to review the history of various investing options.

The software allows you to search through the documents from the companies you want to invest in to get a clear picture of how they operate and the current state of their finances. You can also link all of your investment accounts to review them in one place.

About Atom Finance

The idea behind Atom Finance is simple: to make research and information available about stocks and other financial institutions and their instruments available to more people without the expense. This software platform launched in November 2018.

This FinTech company is based in Brooklyn, New York, so if it’s important to you to deal with U.S. companies, this one fits the bill. The CEO of Atom Finance is Eric Shoykhet, and it’s in its Series A.

When you link your brokerage accounts through Atom Finance, the company is better able to help you make the most of your investing power. The goal is to give an individual investor the tools that institutional investors have used for years.

Atom Finance’s Unique Features

Atom Finance offers a unique service with some great features and technology. Except for Bloomberg, the services offered aren’t readily available through any other company, and Bloomberg runs more than $20,000 per year.

Here are Atom’s investment solutions:

  • Screen and Monitor: Find your next investment by screening for key metrics and ratios.
  • Search Documents: Extract crucial company information buried within investor documents.
  • Track Investments: Get a complete view of your investment and portfolio diversification.
  • Research Companies: Perform in-depth due diligence with institutional-grade tools and data.
  • Chart and Share: Run technical analysis and examine pricing movements with vibrant charting.

These features are designed to help users make smart decisions about which stocks to buy and the ones to sell.

Atom Finance’s Products and Services

The largest product and service that Atom Finance offers is the ability to research prospective companies that you want to buy stocks as institutional investors do. In addition, they provide real-time stock pricing and methods to analyze the performance of companies over an extended period of time.

The other service that Atom Finance offers is the chance to link all of your investment accounts through Plaid. You can see all of your current investments and use their platform to research your existing portfolio and businesses that you’re interested in pursuing.

Atom’s platform was developed to help individual investors do the research that they needed to do in one easily accessible location. The products and services can help a small investor compete with the institutional ones and gain experience in the process.

Cost of Using Atom Finance

There are two plans that Atom Finance offers. Users can choose the Atom Finance basic plan or the Atom Finance paid plan. With the Atom Finance paid plan, you get explanations of price changes, analyst commentary, equity research summaries, and price target updates on the stocks that most interest you.

The Atom Finance basic account is free for anyone to use after setting up an account. The Atom Finance account costs $6.99 per month and has a free trial period of 7 days.

This type of research is essential for successful trading. The only other similar option is Bloomberg. However, Bloomberg has a yearly cost in excess of more than $20,000, making it beyond the means of a small investor.

How to Get Started with Atom Finance

It’s easy to get started with Atom Finance and Atom’s platform. You can opt to use the software online or download the mobile app for your phone. There is an app for both Androids and Apple mobile devices available in the device’s app store.

You need to provide your email address along with your first and last name. In addition, as part of creating an account with Atom Finance, you’ll need to create a username and a secure password.

If you opt to open an Atom Finance account, you’ll need to link a payment type to the account to deduct the monthly fee. Once you have the account open, you simply log in with your username and password to start using the program.

After you choose three stocks to follow, the program creates a dashboard for your use. You can explore the tools and research at your leisure and opt for alerts on specified items.

Atom Finance FAQs (3)

  • Is Atom Finance Legit?

    Yes, Atom Finance is a legit company that offers users many resource tools.

  • Does Atom Finance Offer All the Same Tools as Bloomberg?

    No, Atom Finance doesn’t offer all the same tools as Bloomberg, but it does offer many of the same ones and gives you access to many of the same research features as Bloomberg.

  • Is Atom Finance Basic Account Really Free to Use?

    Yes, the basic account with Atom Finance is really free to use. The Atom Finance account is only $6.99 per month with a 7-day free trial period.

Atom Finance

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Why Us

Detailed Research

Atom Finance offers the small investor access to the same research data that institutional investors use to make their stock picks.

Great Value

Atom Finance compares to Bloomberg, which costs more than $20,000 a year to use, and a basic account is free.

Easy-to-use Features

The Atom Finance platform offers features that are simple for users to use and follow potential stocks.

Get The App

Get the Atom Finance app to get access to the same information as the Wall Street investors and make smarter investment moves.

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