Writing the Perfect Resume: An Overlooked Personal Finance Skill

When experts discuss the personal finance skills young people should develop early, they tend to focus on skills that are directly related to the topic, such as setting a budget and investing money wisely.

As they should. It’s critical that young adults know how to manage their money properly before they start earning substantial incomes.

However, there are some talents that may qualify as “personal finance” skills even if they don’t initially seem to. Writing a strong resume is one example.

The following points illustrate why. Knowing how to draft a resume that makes the right impression on hiring managers is important in the context of personal finance for the following key reasons:

Your Resume Plays a Major Role in Your Employment Potential

Don’t underestimate the value of a strong resume. According to researchers, it takes the average hiring manager seven seconds of resume-skimming to determine whether an applicant is right for a position. When you only have seven seconds to demonstrate why you’re qualified for a role, clearly, you must optimize those seconds by submitting a resume that efficiently highlights your skills and experience.

A Resume Makes Your Skills Relevant

You might be an ambitious and intelligent person who performs well academically, always strives to develop their professional skills, and has substantial experience that genuinely qualifies you for your dream jobs.

However, a hiring manager who’s never met you doesn’t know that. You thus need to submit a resume that sufficiently illustrates your qualifications.

Your skills are only relevant and applicable from an employer’s perspective if they know you have said skills. Thus, when drafting a resume, you have the opportunity to leverage the value of your hard work and experience by using it to get a job, which in turn will allow you to start earning the salary you deserve.

On the other hand, if your resume is weak, it doesn’t matter how skilled you may be; financially, your skills will be worthless. If they don’t help you start your career because they don’t stand out on your resume, they have no real monetary value.

Strong Resume-Writing Skills Fuel Future Growth

Research indicates it’s becoming increasingly uncommon for workers to stay with the same company for decades. If you’re a young person, there’s a good chance you’ll work at multiple companies and pivot to new roles throughout your career.

Potentially earning more money may be one reason you’ll seek employment elsewhere after a few years at a company. Keep this in mind when studying how to write a standout resume. 

Even young people who appreciate how resume-writing skills contribute to their financial well-being often forget that knowing how to draft a strong resume is crucial at all stages of a career. That’s truer than ever. If you master resume-writing and make a point of maintaining this skill instead of allowing it to decline when you’re not applying it, you’ll have a better chance of securing higher-paying roles when you apply to new jobs in the future.

An Effective Resume Helps You Find Work That’s Right for You

Although this isn’t universally true, most people are more likely to thrive in positions that align with not only their skills and expertise, but also their interests. You don’t have to love your job to succeed, but success is nevertheless much easier to achieve if you have at least some interest in your work. Essentially, while many other factors can and do contribute to your earning potential, the more engaging you find your job to be, the better chance you have of moving up in your career and earning a higher salary.

This is another reason it’s smart to learn how to write the best resume you possibly can. After all, even the smartest job candidates with the strongest work ethics aren’t good fits for literally every single available job. Sometimes an individual simply isn’t right for a particular role because they have no interest in it.

An effective resume doesn’t just help you get a job. It helps you get the right job for you based on your experience, talents, and personal preferences. When you submit proper resumes, you’ll be more likely to be hired for positions that inspire you, and thus more likely to flourish in your career.

It’s also important to understand that drafting an impressive resume doesn’t need to be as difficult as some assume. While young people should make a point of cultivating this skill, as it plays a significant role in their financial lives, they shouldn’t worry if they currently lack resume-writing experience. Thanks to templates, resume-writing services, and various other resources, drafting a strong resume is arguably easier than ever.

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