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Top 3 Debt Settlement Companies of 2019

Written by Banks Editorial Team

Updated April 22, 2021​

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Read on to understand how debt settlement companies can help you get out of your debt. When you are facing an overwhelming amount of debt, one option you may have available to you is debt settlement. While some debtors believe debt negotiation or resolution is the same as settlement, this is inaccurate. In fact, negotiation and resolution are part of the process used for debt settlement.

Consumers often decide to explore debt settlement options which can allow them the opportunity to resolve their debt and get back on a firmer financial footing. However, before doing that, they need to understand what debt settlement companies are the best suited to meet their individual needs. This is where we come in, we have reviewed some of the best debt settlement companies available and these are the three we believe offer the most successful programs to debtors.

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Top 3 Debt Settlement Companies

Freedom Debt Relief

One of the challenges most debtors have is not having a plan in place to reduce their overall debt. This means you could be facing ongoing credit card payments that extend years beyond the items you purchased using that card. What makes Freedom Debt Relief stand out from some of the other debt settlement companies is their willingness to customize a plan which works to meet your goal of being out of debt.

You will be working with a Certified Debt Consultant. The company also offers a free consultation which is often enough for you to determine if their solution is the right one for your needs. One of the best reasons to work with Freedom Debt Relief, is their approach. Unlike some debt settlement companies, they will evaluate your debt levels, take the time to understand your unique financial situation, and should they be unable to customize a program that works to help you meet your goals, they will refer you to someone who may be able to offer further assistance.

Debtors who opt to work with Freedom Debt Relief will have a dedicated savings account set up for them to make regular deposits. Your Debt Consultant will contact you to advise you of the right time to begin working with your creditors based on the amounts you are able to deposit.

National Debt Relief

One of the best reasons to identify the right debt settlement company is to work with someone with real-life experience working with creditors. Debtors who are seeking debt settlement companies often review numerous companies looking for the right debt reduction professionals to help them navigate settling with creditors. National Debt Relief offers plans which can help you be free of debt within 48 months if you qualify.

Like most debt settlement companies, National Debt Relief offers a FDIC-insured trust account for debtors to make regular deposits while they save the funds needed for their settlements. They work with debtors who owe money to credit card companies, those who have business debts, and in some cases, can provide assistance to those who owe money on student loans.

One of the best features this company offers is there are no fees unless they are successful. You pay nothing up front, there are no start up fees, and unless they are successful, you pay nothing at all. Their goal is the same as yours — to help you get debt-free as quickly as possible. The calculations are simple — unless you know you can pay your existing debt off within 48 months, debt settlement may work for you. If you are tired of your debt controlling your life, then it may be time to explore debt settlement companies and see what options may be available to help you get out from under your debt faster than you thought possible.

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Accredited Debt Relief

Who among us with mountains of debt feels that reducing or eliminating debt is a bad thing? None of us, that is a fact. Working with Accredited Debt Relief offers those who are under stress and strain of debt to work with a Debt Counselor to figure out what type of program works best for their needs.

Serious negotiation with creditors that starts as soon as you are accepted in the program offered by Accredited Debt Relief means you will stop hearing from creditors hounding you about late payments faster. While you may initially see your overall debt increase until such time as your settlement is finalized, you can expect to be free from debt within 48 months of your acceptance into the program assuming you have fulfilled your obligation to save the amounts needed to reach a settlement with your creditors.

Why Use a Debt Settlement Company

Consumers should remember there is never a guarantee that a creditor will be willing to settle your debt, but unless you are working with someone with a reputation for settling debt, it is impossible to know. While some consumers have tried to settle their debt on their own, this is not always the best option because creditors know most debtors do not have this type of experience and therefore will try to force you to pay more than if you were working with one of the top debt settlement companies. If you are tired to of your debt controlling your decisions, consider working with one of these debt settlement companies today.

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