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Everything You Need To Know About CuraDebt Debt Settlement Services

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Updated April 22, 2021​

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CuraDebt services are designed to help you achieve financial stability. Sure you want to start saving money and feeling some financial stability in your life, but getting out from under a crushing debt may just feel too overwhelming. Whether your issue is credit card debt, medical bills, overdue taxes or something else, toughing it out and going the road alone may not be the best option for you. Scraping by and making the minimum monthly payments is never going to get you an improved financial position.

Of course, no one can wave a magic wand and make your debt go away, but a company that specializes in debt settlement will examine your debt history to ensure your rights have not been violated and work with your creditors to achieve an almost immediate reduction in your debt.

Having helped nearly 200,000 people resolve their debts over the past 19 years, CuraDebt services might offer the right solution for you.

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What Sets Debt Settlement Apart?

You’ve maybe heard a lot of terminology thrown around on TV commercials and in your web surfing about the best way for you to get out of debt — credit counseling, debt relief, debt negotiation, debt settlement, debt consolidation.

Each service fills an important role in getting people like you out of debt, so finding the one that meets your individual circumstances is important.

Debt settlement, which is the same as debt negotiation, aims to eliminate as much debt as possible so you end up paying the least amount, and getting it done quickly.

Debt settlement accomplishes this by first determining if a creditor has violated your rights, which can lead to your debt being erased and you even receiving a cash payment. Then negotiators work with your creditors to reduce your remaining debt either through lump sum payments or quick installment plans.

What Makes CuraDebt Services Unique?

You’ve often heard in real estate the three keys are location, location, location. Well, in the debt settlement field, the three most important factors you want to consider are experience, experience, experience.

CuraDebt has been helping people across the country resolve their debt issues since its founding in 2000.

That level of experience means they have been able to develop relationships with major creditors throughout the country that they can leverage to help you reduce your debt load.

Their counselors come from a diverse background, from Certified Public Accountants to financial planners to business owners and more, so they are able to match you with a counselor with experience with your particular type of debt so they can help you plot the best course forward. All of CuraDebt’s counselors undergo training on the Fair Debt Collection Protections Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to determine if creditors have violated your rights through their collection efforts.

CuraDebt’s tax relief team brings more than 100 combined years of service in the tax field, including more than 83 years working with the IRS or state tax agencies, to ensure you get the best service in addressing your tax debt.

CuraDebt also has access to local attorneys licensed in all states they serve who they can reach out to if they feel an attorney can get you a better resolution to your debt issues. And it’s no extra charge for you.

Speaking of no extra charge, when you complete your debt settlement program with CuraDebt, you’ll also be eligible to undertake a free credit restoration program with one of the nation’s top credit restoration companies.

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CuraDebt’s Services Strong Reputation

Of course, these years of experience wouldn’t mean anything if CuraDebt hadn’t also been able to maintain a strong reputation throughout that time.

CuraDebt maintains membership in the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and the American Fair Credit Council, two professional organizations that require their members to meet and maintain top ethical standards.

CuraDebt also holds A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau and the Online Business Bureau.

Customer satisfaction also is a key indicator of a company’s reputation. CuraDebt enjoys a stellar reputation from its many customers:

  • Rated No. 1 or No. 2 in “Best Debt Relief Companies” for more than 10 years on, one of the largest online customer review sites in the United States. CuraDebt also is rated No. 1 in “Tax Relief Services.”
  • More than 850 5-star reviews on, a highly rated, third-party review platform that provides verified customer reviews.
  • More than 180 5-star reviews plus an average rating of 5 stars on, another highly rated customer review site.

Request a free consultation with CuraDebt to determine if debt settlement is the best path for you to get back on firm financial footing.

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