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Consumer Affairs Gives Accredited Debt Relief Nearly 5 Stars

Written by Banks Editorial Team

Updated April 22, 2021​

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Consumer Affairs gives the debt settlement company Accredited Debt Relief Nearly 5 stars. A proven track record of offering consumers access to debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, and bankruptcy is one of the reasons Consumer Affairs rates Accredited Debt Relief as one of the top companies helping families, business owners, and individuals get their debt under control.

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Consumer Affairs Top Rated Features of Accredited Debt Relief

1. No One Size Solutions Found Here

One of the reasons the company has attained a near 5-star rating is because they treat every client as an individual. They take the time to understand the needs of the individual and build customized solutions based on those needs and the client’s goals. This is important information for anyone who is seeking a remedy for debt that is beyond their control. There are no easy answers, and there are no solutions which are right for every person.

2. Track Records Are Taken into Consideration

One of the metrics used by Consumer Affairs in rating companies is their track record. They point to the results page on the site owned by Accredited Debt Relief and advise clients who are seeking debt relief solutions to review the results which actual customers have seen. There are numerous mini case studies of results in which Accredited Debt Relief helped actual consumers resolve their debt and move forward on a path to financial freedom.

3. Limits on States Where Services are Available

One of the reasons Accredited Debt Relief did not make the 5-star rating is because they are limited as to which states where they do business. However, for those who reside in one of the 29 states where they do business, their services are extensive. While this limitation prevents the company from doing business nationwide, the fact they are able to help so many consumers is important.

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4. Lower Debt Amounts Than Other Companies

Another benefit which makes Accredited Debt Relief earn such a high rating is they offer debt settlement options for debtors with lower amounts of debt. While some debt settlement companies only work with debtors who have debt in excess of $30,000, this company offers to help consumers with as little as $7,500 in debt. This is significant because not everyone has a large amount of debt they need to resolve. For most consumers, handling smaller amounts of debt can help them gain a sounder financial footing to move forward with their lives.

5. Time in Business with Proven Results

We have already discussed the results consumers have had working with Accredited Debt Relief. Consumers should also consider the length of time a company has been in business before working with a debt resolution provider. In the case of Accredited Debt Relief, they have been serving consumers for more than a decade. This is great news because it means they have an established reputation with creditors and will be taken seriously when they are calling upon a creditor to work with you to settle your debt.

The Process Used by Consumer Affairs

Consumers should be aware that Consumer Affairs does not endorse companies which they feature on their review site. What they do instead is aggregate client feedback from consumers who have used the services of the named company. The company is then assigned an “Overall Satisfaction Rating”. The formula for this is based on the most recent ratings a company has received over the prior 12 months. This formula allows you, the consumer to determine what is most important to you in selecting the right company to help you with your debt resolution needs.

Consumers can also feel confident that star ratings cannot be altered at the request of the highlighted company. The only way the consumer’s chosen star rating may be changed is if the consumer who wrote the original review changes it. There are a couple of reasons this change could occur including an error in the original submission or in some cases, where the consumer had a problem with the services provided but the company resolved the issue directly with the consumer. Consumer Affairs publishes complete reviews without regard to whether it may be damaging to the company’s reputation, provided the person submitting the review is a verified user of the site.

Accredited Debt Relief in Consumer Affairs Site

Accredited Debt Relief earns the top place as the best bankruptcy alternative for consumers who are facing debt they simply cannot manage. The company has a proven track record, they work with consumers to find the right solution, and they have experience. Thanks to the low amount of debt they are willing to help settle, many consumers who have suffered a layoff, temporary medical problems, or simply cannot seem to get a handle on their credit card debt can get relief working with this company.

Every debtor has unique needs and if you are a debtor who lives in one of the states where Accredited Debt Relief does business, you may be able to have your debt resolved in as little as 12 months. You have nothing to lose except debt that is preventing you from embracing a debt-free future.

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