Can You Get a Credit Score Without an SSN?

You can get a credit score without an SSN. Although in most cases a social security number is required, some banks offer special credit cards for those who don’t have an SSN. This can help build your credit history and FICO or other credit scores. In addition, by availing rent reporting services, taking auto loans, purchasing a car through a credit card or by opening well-managed bank accounts, you can get a credit score. Most foreigners, immigrants, and students in the US who don’t have social security numbers think they can’t get a credit score, but there are several options available. Not sure what your credit score is? Check it now:

How is a Credit Score Tracked Without an SSN?

Credit Bureaus, such as TransUnion or Experian, can locate your credit information with name, date of birth and address. There are several unique identifiers used to match credit account information to a credit file and SSN is only one of them. Having an SSN increases the accuracy of the matching process, but it isn’t always required to compile your credit report.

By convincing a lender to open a credit account, you could get a credit score without an SSN. Lenders are the major credit reporting sources that record your credit payment history, like how much debt you have and whether you’ve paid your bills on time. They report this to credit bureaus regularly. If an account has been opened for you and reported to credit bureaus, they will use all the provided identification information to compile a credit report, when a request is made. If you ever decide to obtain an SSN, then your credit history would be attached to your credit profile. Check your credit score now to see if you have a current credit history:

When Does Your Credit History Start?

Your credit history starts from the day you first take out a loan. To provide evidence to build credit, you need a credit card. This means that to build a credit score, you can apply for a credit card that does not require SSN. For people with no credit history, a secured credit card is also a good option to get a credit score without SSN. The length of credit history holds a major weight in calculating a credit score.

Boro offers auto loans and personal loans at low rates with flexible terms that can help you build a credit score without SSN. Boro will create a credit profile for you when you make your first payment and report your credit history Experian and TransUnion every month. Create your credit profile with Boro today!

Building Your Credit Score Without An SSN

You don’t need an SSN to rent an apartment, purchase a car, or to open a bank account. These three actions can help you build up your credit score without SSN. Buying a car can help establish credit if you make on-time payments on your auto loan. Paying rent on time can also help you get a credit score. Renting an apartment is similar to a loan that you pay back in monthly installments. From this perspective, timely rent payments help your credit score. You can also use a credit card to pay for your rent. This will boost your credit score indirectly. Open a credit card and use it to pay your rent, then pay your credit card balance in full each month. You can also use this same concept when making your car payment. Keep on top of your credit score by monitoring it regularly:

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