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The Credit People: Get Score-Driven Results To Repair Your Credit

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Updated March 9, 2023​

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The Credit People is a leading credit repair agency that has been focused on score-driven results to repair their credit scores for over 15 years. In a perfect world, we would all have perfect credit. The world’s not perfect, and few people have perfect credit. But we can all have better credit. That’s one of their driving forces. Their goal was and continues to be, to improve your credit report and raise your credit score.

Popular Credit Repair Solutions
Learn about AI-enabled credit repair solutions offered by The Credit Pros and how schedule a free consultation to improve your scores.

The Credit Pros will help improve your credit score by removing inaccurate credit information from your consumer credit reports.

Free Credit Reports and Scores

Everyone has to begin somewhere.  The Credit People start with your credit report and score.  They want everyone to be on the same page.  If you don’t know what your credit is when you begin the process, how will you know if it has improved?  Seems obvious.

Believe it or not, it is the only company that provides free credit reports and scores as the first step in the credit repair process.  Their commitment to customer satisfaction begins at the very first step.

The Credit People’s Score-Driven Results

Score-driven results is the Credit People’s philosophy for credit repair services.  It means the company will provide traditional services such as:

  • Removing negative items
  • Verifying and correcting credit issues
  • Addressing disputes and interventions

They will go one step further.  They will focus on raising your credit score, which may include services not typically associated with credit repair. 

Your credit score is based on more than just payment history. Debt-to-income ratios or scoring algorithms have very little to do with repairing your credit, but they can definitely impact your credit score. That’s why they have developed the score-driven results philosophy. A dedicated team looks at all aspects of credit scoring.

The Credit People: More than Just Credit Repair

The Credit People understand that life happens.  Sometimes that involves your credit history, and they are ready to help.

  • Your new job requires a credit check.
  • You’d like to lower your interest rates.
  • You didn’t receive your updated reports from all credit bureaus.

Some, if not all, of these events, can occur at any time. When they do, you want help. The Credit People are available to answer your questions or help with a credit-related matter. Not a service that every repair service offers.

Anytime Access

The Credit People have created an online dashboard so you can view the progress of your credit repair.  You can see what updates were made and can chat with their credit experts at any time.  They want to make sure that you can stay up-to-date on your account when it is convenient for you.  The easy-to-use dashboard makes finding the crucial pieces of information far less stressful and time-consuming.

Hand-picked Teams

The Credit People improve your credit through dedicated and highly trained teams.  Each unit has a single focus, which makes a unique approach to credit repair.

Popular Credit Repair Solutions
Learn about AI-enabled credit repair solutions offered by The Credit Pros and how schedule a free consultation to improve your scores.

The Credit Pros will help improve your credit score by removing inaccurate credit information from your consumer credit reports.

Not a Sales Team

The Credit People have a sales team focused on explaining the process and not on sales.  When you contact them, their sales team explains the credit repair process and answers your questions before you even sign up.  They believe that the process works so much better when everyone understands how it works.

The Credit People Team

Its credit repair team has processed over 310,000 unique credit reports.  That experience plus ongoing training in recent statutes, laws and credit reporting ensures you are dealing with an experienced team of professionals.  Credit repair specialists are certified and trained in credit repair laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and the Fair Debts Collections Practices Act.

Score Analysis Team

Just like you, your credit report is unique. It requires special attention, not just deleting negative information. The Credit People understand The credit type ratio, scoring models, and credit history. They know how that information impacts your credit score. As a company, The Credit People follow the latest trends as closely as possible to provide score-driven results.

Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee

The Credit People have an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. Simply stated: if you’re not happy, they’re not happy. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay. You can cancel at any time. You won’t be charged for the month, and The Credit People will refund your last month’s payment as well. There are no setup fees and no hidden costs.

The Credit People: One of the Best

When you are looking to repair your credit, you want someone who understands. Your situation is not just about the numbers; it’s about all the events that led up to the numbers. Sometimes, those events are painful. That’s why it is nice to work with a company such as The Credit People. According to Consumer Advocates, The Credit People are one of the top five credit repair companies.

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