Legitimate Credit Repair Company: How To Find One

Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

How can you find a legitimate credit repair company? You’ve worried about your credit for long enough. Maybe you’re in a position to want to get a home or auto loan, and you don’t want to pay higher interest rates just because you have past credit problems. Now is the time to get to work on improving any problems with your credit report and increasing your credit score.

Finding a Legitimate Credit Repair Company

How do you get started then to find a legitimate credit repair company? Sure, you can read plenty of blog posts and online articles about fixing your own credit, and you can probably follow the steps for do-it-yourself credit repair and make some headway in improving your credit score. But the process sounds tedious and time consuming, and you have a family, a job and other parts of your life to which you’d rather devote time. That’s where a professional credit repair company can help out.

“But aren’t those scams?” you worry. It’s true that there are some credit repair companies out there that promise a lot and deliver very little. On top of everything else that you have to be concerned about, it can seem daunting to find a credit repair firm that really has your best interests in mind — and one that’s effective.

Legitimate Credit Repair Company: Top 3 Choices

Lexington Law

With a legal approach to improving credit, Lexington Law has removed 10 million negative items from customers’ credit reports in 2017 and 9 million in 2018. For more than 27 years, the attorneys and legal professionals at Lexington Law have helped thousands of people like you get negative credit items removed using an ethical process to contest inaccurate and misleading entries. A legitimate credit repair company committed to help their customers.

Lexington Law was one of the first credit repair companies to create an online process that could help consumers for a reasonable monthly cost. They’ve developed this four-step process so it can be customized to work for you while remaining streamlined to save you time and money.

  1. Credit report analysis. They get copies of your reports from the three main credit bureaus and analyze them for accuracy. They’ll also interview you to create a plan.
  2. Credit disputing. Your legal team communicates to creditors and the credit bureaus about negative items and requests removal based on the law.
  3. Dispute escalating. Lexington Law will continue to work on items that aren’t immediately removed using our knowledge of the existing credit laws.
  4. Credit score analysis and mentoring. They keep you updated on your credit report and help you maintain a healthy credit score.

Lexington Law has three different tiers of service, starting at $89/month.

The Credit People

Known for their good customer service, The Credit People have been helping consumers straighten out their credit reports since 2001. They advertise a very simple approach to improving your credit:

  1. They review your credit report and figure out how to make improvements.
  2. They dispute possibly inaccurate or negative items on your credit report and work to get them removed.

The Credit People say that they average a 30% increase in customers’ credit scores, but they can’t guarantee the same results for everyone. Changes typically start to happen in about two months. As a legitimate credit repair company they are transparent with their customers and have good customer service.

The Credit People is ideal for those with simple credit issues and a small budget, as they’re less expensive than many credit repair firms. In fact, you can get started with the first week for $19, where you can see your credit reports and scores, talk to a customer service rep and see what their online account tools are like. If you like their process, you can continue for a monthly fee of $79.


An emphasis on customer reviews and overall satisfaction sets CreditRepair.com apart from other credit repair companies. CreditRepair.com says they want their customers to do more than just have a one-time improvement to their credit scores. Instead, they want to encourage better financial habits that will prevent a return to credit problems. They have extensive tools available to customers for monitoring their credit and making improvements.

The three-step process that CreditRepair.com uses is designed to be simple.

  1. Review credit reports with your CreditRepair.com team and identify a plan to make changes.
  2. CreditRepair.com will dispute inaccurate and negative items.
  3. Use resources and tools from CreditRepair.com to improve your credit and learn more about personal finance.

CreditRepair.com says they average a 7% improvement to your credit score in the first month, and nearly 20% improvement in three months. Their system costs $99.95 per month and you can use it for as long as you wish. Many users on their website report good results in five to six months. Not only a legitimate credit repair company, but also validated by past customers.

Work with a Legitimate Credit Repair Company

To help you in your quest of finding a legitimate credit repair company we have selected here three of the best credit repair companies to partner with and recommend. These three firms have thousands of satisfied customers who have seen real results and achieved better credit. They’ve been in business for many years and have multiple good reviews on their own websites and on neutral, third-party sites. Here’s what you need to know about our three choices.

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