What Services Does CreditRepair.com Offer for Credit Repair?

Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

People who successfully lose a lot of weight must develop a healthier relationship with food. Likewise, if you have problems with your finances, you need to create a healthier relationship with your credit. CreditRepair.com helps you make those challenging changes to your financial health so you can enjoy a better lifestyle.

More than a one-time credit fix, CreditRepair.com says they want to focus on your lifetime score improvement — in other words, a complete and ongoing program to help you repair and maintain your credit score for better interest rates and financial opportunities.

Using CreditRepair.com for Credit Repair Services

For a monthly fee, CreditRepair.com works through a process that has been proven to help consumers like you get negative items cleared from their credit reports. Those credit reports come from three different credit reporting bureaus — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — and detail all your credit accounts, late payments, collection accounts (unpaid debts that were sold to a third party to try and collect) and public records like bankruptcy information.

These credit reports are what lenders look at when they are considering giving you a mortgage, auto loan or credit card. Unfortunately, they can often contain errors or misleading information. Correcting those problems can help make your credit history look more appealing to lenders.

While you can tackle credit report corrections yourself, the process is tedious and takes lots of your time and energy. That’s where credit repair agencies like CreditRepair.com come in. They have a solid understanding of how credit bureaus and their reports work, and what can be done to make improvements. Plus, they have a proven process and skilled credit professionals to go after those changes.

You’ll pay a monthly fee for their time and knowledge, but you should be able to recover that cost in one improved loan interest rate. After all, the higher rates that are assigned to people with poor credit can end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

CreditRepair.com’s Results

Many of CreditRepair.com’s past customers have left satisfied testimonials about their experience with the company. Here’s a sample:

Gary from Louisiana said that CreditRepair.com improved his credit score by more than half: “They have removed over 56% of negative items off of my credit report.”

“In just two weeks after joining CreditRepair.com, three negative items have been removed from my credit report,” reported Louisiana resident David.

“My credit score has jumped from the very weak 400’s to 620 and they’re not done yet!” said April from Indiana.

CreditRepair.com also has many pleased customers who tried credit repair themselves and found that they lacked the time to make any headway, and needed help from experts.

“In past years I’ve worked on credit repair and know how tedious it is and how tenacious you must be,” explained Mattie from North Carolina. “CreditRepair.com has taken all that ‘work’ on and so far, has been worth it.”

Richie from Utah echoed those thoughts: “I work 60+ hour workweeks and so for me, working with CreditRepair.com was exactly what I needed. I don’t have time to work on my credit by myself but when I put it in their hands, they took care of everything for me and made it so simple for me with little to no effort on my part.”

You can read expanded versions of these testimonials and more from CreditRepair.com on their website.

How They Differs from Other Credit Repair Companies

There are many credit repair options out there, but CreditRepair.com stands out because of their commitment to help you change your credit report and improve your financial standing. They start with a free credit report consultation that looks at your information from all three credit bureaus and plots a path to reaching an improved credit score.

According to CreditRepair.com’s records, they make an impact on the average customer’s credit report in four months. That can seem like a long time when you’re eager to improve your credit score, but it’s actually very quick considering how long it normally takes to communicate with the credit bureaus and past creditors. You may see a difference faster with CreditRepair.com than with other options you have or if you tackle the problem yourself.

CreditRepair.com also makes a number of tools available to you so you can understand and monitor your credit, including a mobile app and an online dashboard with a credit score tracker. You can also get text or email alerts when there is a change to your score. You can see what they’re doing to help you and you can continue to keep tabs on your credit. CreditRepair.com also has educational resources available to you so you can improve your financial situation.

Should You Work with Them?

If you have a lower credit score than you’d like, CreditRepair.com charges one monthly fee to work on removing inaccurate or outdated information. A high number of consumers have errors on their reports that impact their scores, and the pros at CreditRepair.com are skilled at identifying these problems and cleaning them up. You can stop at any time and you don’t have to sign a long-term contract. Working with CreditRepair.com may help you improve your credit score more quickly and easily than if you worked on improving the problems yourself.

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