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The Credit People Can Help Improve Your Credit Score

Written by Banks Editorial Team

Updated March 9, 2023​

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The Credit People are experts at making sure the big three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are presenting factual and fair accounts of your credit history. Even derogatory items such as a missed payment or home foreclosure have a time limit of seven in which they should be removed. But, keeping watch over credit agencies for everyday consumers is just one way in which The Credit People can help. Everyone’s path to a better credit score is different – and each credit bureau will calculate your credit rating based on different factors.

Popular Credit Repair Solutions
Learn about AI-enabled credit repair solutions offered by The Credit Pros and how schedule a free consultation to improve your scores.

The Credit Pros will help improve your credit score by removing inaccurate credit information from your consumer credit reports.

Working With a Credit Repair Service

There are literally dozens of credit scoring models that a business can use to determine your creditworthiness. It can be a complex and confusing maze of numbers and rules, especially when you learn that each credit rating agency uses a different formula to calculate your credit score. You, as the consumer, have every right to dispute errors and expect a timely response to your inquiries. But often what happens instead is millions of people being rejected for a major purchase without knowing why or what they can do to improve their financial situation.

It can be difficult for an individual to track all the reporting agencies and fight to have discrepancies fixed and demand that those on-time or “paid-in-full” accounts are properly posted. So, what is the answer to this tangled web of credit rating formulas and scores? Do you simply give up and assume that the battle is too big to win. Well, it is not!

The Credit People is all about making sure the credit reporting agencies are acting legally, fairly, and in a timely fashion on your behalf – the American consumer. Not only that, they also work with customers to make sure they understand what’s happening behind-the-scene of these credit reporting agencies and show you how to optimize the system to work on your behalf. The difference is, they keep it simple, and they make it affordable to begin the credit repair process.

Dealing With The 7 Credit Report Issues

  1. Late or Non-payments
  2. Debt Collections
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Foreclosure
  5. Repossession
  6. Tax Liens
  7. Lawsuits or Judgments
Popular Credit Repair Solutions
Learn about AI-enabled credit repair solutions offered by The Credit Pros and how schedule a free consultation to improve your scores.

The Credit Pros will help improve your credit score by removing inaccurate credit information from your consumer credit reports.

How The Credit People Can Help

Since so many variables that factor into improving your credit score, The Credit People have developed a unique strategy that works to increase credit scores (with results that may be seen within 30 days:

  • You get fast access to your credit reports through an online login to your personal credit repair dashboard
  • Next, they examine your current credit reports and look at where your credit ratings stand right now
  • All factors are considered, who your creditors are and what problems currently exist that are negatively affecting your scores
  • Then they provide a credit improvement strategy that is proven to start you on the path to better credit scores
  • Finally, they  work to challenge and remove incorrect or questionable items that are on your credit report

Many of our customers begin to see improvements in their credit scores with 30 days. No two credit reports are exactly alike, and no two consumers have the same financial obligations. That’s when they look at each creditor with a fresh pair of eyes to determine which strategies will deliver the best results in the fastest time frame.

Problems The Credit People Can Help Resolve

Once they’ve identified the strategies that can increase your credit ratings, a key part of repairing your credit is following through with the suggestions. When you realize that you can move from a poor credit rating to good credit in under a year – it’s easy to see how important credit repair is to achieving your financial dreams. Buying a new home, starting your own business, or getting approved for a personal loan to take an awesome vacation – they all depend upon your current creditworthiness. There are a number of financial moves you can make when you have a better credit score, including:

  • Better chance of approval for credit cards and loans
  • You may avoid high security deposits for utility services
  • Often, you can get a cell phone without a contract or security deposit
  • More power to negotiate deals when buying a new car or a home
  • Easier approval when you want to rent an apartment or a house

At The Credit People, you can start with a free credit consultation. Their goal is to deliver unbeatable customer service at one of the lowest costs in the industry. Many clients start seeing results in the first 45-60 days. Each and every month, you will have goals to achieve and higher scores are guaranteed to follow. It always depends upon how the credit reporting agencies respond and how quickly your creditors report your timely payments.

You can see the improvements in your credit score each month using your easy to follow online account. Repossessions, collections, late payments, delinquent student loans, and foreclosures all have a method for improvement – let The Credit People show you how!

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