Lexington Law Overview

Lexington Law is a credit repair solution from a group of law firms that monitors credit while removing any negative, unnecessary, or fraudulent items from your report.

You get regular credit monitoring of reports and scores with Lexington Law, but you also get help repairing or improving your credit. Because they approach credit issues from a legal perspective, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered even in a worst-case scenario.

Lexington Law is perfect for individuals who need help repairing credit—and ongoing support in keeping a strong credit profile.

The biggest perks of Lexington Law are that you get immediate help repairing your credit and legal help in the future should you need it. The firm works on your behalf to immediately remove inaccurate or fraudulent items on your reports.

Lexington Law also takes the burden of debt collectors off your back by directly intervening on your behalf. Plus, they can step in should any of your creditors threaten to send your debt to a collection agency—stopping any damages to your credit before they begin.

Lexington Law isn’t cheap. However, you are getting credit monitoring services and legal credit repair help that isn’t offered by any other service.

  • The Concord Standard plan is $89.95 a month
  • The Concord Premier is $109.95 a month
  • The PremierPlus is $129.95 a month

Ease of registration: You only need to provide basic information for sign up, although you will have to select a plan and enter your credit card information before moving forward. However, they provide a number you can call for a free report and consultation.

Mobile friendly: Yes

Bottom Line: Lexington Law has you covered when it comes to legal protection and repair of your credit.

Sign up for Lexington Law 

  • Free personalized credit consultation
  • Free access to your TransUnion report summary
  • Free credit report audit on all your accounts
  • Free score evaluation and recommended solution
  • Any time, anywhere 24/7 credit monitoring alerts