LightStream Personal Loans

Apply for a loan in minutes and access competitive rates personalized for your needs. When approved, have your funds in your account as soon as the same day.

LightStream offers online loans for almost anything you may need money quickly for. Get a good rate for your loan with a good credit score.

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What Makes LightStream Great?

LightStream guarantees the lowest rate through its commitment to beat any competitor’s rates. They are so confident in customer satisfaction through the entire loan process that they will send you $100 if you are unsatisfied with your experience. These guarantees show just how much they believe in the quality of their service and the amazing lending options they have for their consumers. LightStream has loan length terms from 24 to as many as 144 months on personal loans for a number of reasons including the following:

  • Auto
  • Kitchen or Bath Remodeling
  • Medical Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Weddings
  • So much more

LightStream makes the loan application process fast, using the power of the internet to review your information and find the best way to offer the financial assistance you need. Backed by the financial power of SunTrust Bank, LightStream should be seen as a reputable partner that can get you unsecured financing in less time and with easy terms for repayment.

Do I Qualify?

You won’t know for sure if you qualify unless you fill out their fast online application.¬†LightStream does require what they consider to be good credit to qualify for one of their personal loans. To look at their guidelines for good credit though, each applicant is unique. They state that the following are generally some of the guidelines they look for in a credit profile.

  • Variety of credit account types
  • Several years of credit history
  • Stable income
  • Good payment history

LightStream does try to reward people with good or excellent credit with an easy and quick personal loan service. Money is available in many cases the same day as loan approval and e-signing your agreement. For people looking for an unsecured personal loan for virtually any need, LightStream provides options that are guaranteed to beat their competitors.

How Do I Work With LightStream?

Working with LightStream is extremely easy. The application is very fast and you should expect to receive an answer regarding loan approval within business hours. Because they reward those with good credit, they are able to offer great terms and the best interest rates in the industry. Once you have been approved, you will e-sign your loan agreement and determine where you want your funds deposited. You can expect to get your funds deposited into your account the same day you sign your loan agreement in many cases. After you receive your funds, you are ready to use them for your personal needs. Repaying your loan is easy to manage through your account with LightStream.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of places online that claim to be a great solution for people needing an avenue for funding that fall short of expectations. LightStream is backed by the power of SunTrust Bank, with the ease of working through the internet. Everything you need to know about LightStream and their interest and loan terms is on their home page. The application process is simple and quick with a fast loan decision. While it is not an option for people with subprime credit, they are able to provide the best interest rate for those that are approved. You’ll be able to get funding for many different needs including an auto loan, debt consolidation, or other major needs like funding a wedding, timeshare or other unforeseen financing needs. With LightStream, you can get your funds very fast, often on the same day as you e-sign your contract.

OK, Let’s Get Started

When you find yourself in need of an unsecured personal loan, looking to LightStream may be one of the best decisions you can make. All the necessary information you need about loan options, interest rates, and payment terms are right at your fingertips. They put everything you need to make a good decision right on their home page. Unlike other lending sites that try to hide information, LightStream gives you all the information you need right away. Customers that fit the right credit requirements will find that the application is quick and easy. Funds are available quickly and repayment is easily managed through the LightStream website. If you are ready to take the next step toward securing the personal loan you need, visit the LightStream website to take the next step and apply for the loan.

LightStream Personal Loans

Apply for a loan in minutes and access competitive rates personalized for your needs. When approved, have your funds in your account as soon as the same day.