Fiona makes applying for a personal loan very easy. Find a low rate loan up to $100k with real time pre-approvals from top providers.

Find a low rate loan up to $100k with real time pre-approvals from top providers. Access personal loans with rates as low as 3.84% APR and terms fro 24-84 months. Get your money as soon as next business day. Start now.

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The need for unsecured personal loan financing is huge. With the world doing so much business online, it makes sense that the lending industry would follow suit. For partners looking to provide their users with solid options for personal loan financing, Fiona offers a phenomenal service and competitive rates. The reputation of Fiona is second to none, with hundreds of thousands of applications coming through each month for financing. They can provide resources for partner websites that will provide your users with the best possible experience. The following explains what they do for their partners to offer supreme customer service in personal loan funding.

What Makes Fiona Great?

Fiona can provide applicants with a very wide range of funding options. Based upon the individual applicant’s credit profile, they can fund anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 in funding over a period of 24 to 84 months. Providing funding for a range of individual needs, Fiona can do more for their partner’s applicants than many competitors. Their platform integrates with their partners to allow for pre-approval in real time, so there’s no waiting around for an answer. Because the world is online, and people are used to instantly being able to do things, waiting days for a credit decision is a thing of the past. They also make it easy for you to integrate the Fiona tools into your website with embeddable widgets and content.

Do I Qualify?

The qualification for a loan through Fiona is almost instant. They have a wide array of rates that are available for a variety of credit profiles. With rates between 3.84% and 35.99%, it’s safe to say that Fiona works to approve as many applicants as possible. The options are extensive and they work to support the applicants through their partners with a loan that meets their needs. Some of the personal loans financed through Fiona include:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Wedding financing
  • Medical emergencies
  • Home improvement
  • Much more

Integrating the Fiona platform into your site with their customized widgets and content is simple. Getting started by filling out some simple questions can put your users on the path to getting the personal loan that they need with a trusted company like Fiona.

How Do I Work With Fiona?

When you go to the Fiona website, you can click “get started” to go to the application process. For those looking to partner with Fiona to provide funding services for their customers, selecting the Partners option at the top of the home page will take you to the form asking questions about your company, website and the products you are interested in offering your users or customers. Fiona has made a point of creating a pipeline for personal loan funding. They have hundreds of thousands of applications through their platform each month. Over $200 billion in applied funding has been made. Fiona has originated more than 40 million loans since its founding. They are the real deal in personal loan financing and are happy to work with their partners to offer a better customer experience, providing more funding for more people.

Bottom Line

Fiona is not just a bank offering loans for individuals. They are the pipeline for millions of customers from many different companies and locations on the internet to find the funding that they need. Rates are very wide, providing more access to funding to people of all different credit profiles. They can fund small or large loans up to 84 months if necessary. Fiona prides itself on offering resources for companies that are looking to connect their users and customers with a reputable funding option. With real-time pre-approval decisions and funds available as soon as the next business day, Fiona is the answer to a lot of needs by consumers. People can’t always predict major medical emergencies, or they may be drowning in debt and needing a consolidation to see some light at the end of the tunnel. For these and dozens of other reasons that we may not be able to predict, your users need to be able to connect to a solid financial provider.

OK, Let’s Get Started

Whether you are an individual looking to apply for a loan or a business looking to offer outstanding financial lending services, Fiona has got you covered. They are ready to seamlessly integrate into your existing site, as well as offer pertinent and customized content regarding the services they offer. If you are ready to partner with Fiona, go to their website to take the next step and fill out the partnership questions. Individual loan applicants can click the “Get Started” button on the homepage and apply for the loan or financial services that they may need.


Fiona makes applying for a personal loan very easy. Find a low rate loan up to $100k with real time pre-approvals from top providers.