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Written by Banks Editorial Team
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Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

Why work with When you’re considering which credit repair firm to work with, it can help to learn more about the experiences others have had with a specific company. has many testimonials from satisfied customers who have improved their credit scores and boosted their financial well-being. Many members with low credit scores have successfully partnered with the company to raise their numbers and improve their credit.

Why Choose

Remove Inaccurate and Negative Items from Your Credit Report analyzes your credit report and identifies items that could be in error or are hurting your overall score and can be removed. Many consumers reported that did effectively remove problematic entries on their credit reports, which helped their reports look more appealing to lenders. A 26-year-old from California said in her review of the company that she had made mistakes when she was a younger adult, but that it was possible to remove some of the negative entries in just three weeks. Another California customer said that six items were removed in three months. And a man from Louisiana saw more the removal of more than half of the negative items on his credit report.

“They have removed most of the hard inquiries, which raised my score 40 points,” notes Kambrian from Fort Worth, Tex.

Gordon from Jacksonville, Fla., said he saw results in just six weeks. “It’s only been a month and a half and yet 25% of my negative items have been removed.”

Boost Your Credit Score

Many consumers first call because their low credit scores are preventing them from getting a mortgage or loan, or causing them to pay more than they should in interest rates. An improvement of even a few points can make a big difference in how willing lenders are to work with you and offer better rates. One user from Utah said her credit score moved up 57 points, which jumped her from a poor credit score to a good one. An Illinois man said that his credit score went up 56 points in just the first month of using These people plan to continue using’s services to make additional changes and increase their credit scores by even more points.

“My credit was really bad from being young and not knowing the value of good credit and paying bills on-time,” says Steve from Huffman, Texas. “My credit score when I called was a 513 and is now in the 650 range. They have gotten 32 out of 40 negative items removed.”

Lisa from Dallas, Texas, says she’s so pleased, she referred three people to “I started the program with a credit score in the 500s. [A]t the end of my 5th month… I was very satisfied with my 750 credit score.”

It’s even more exciting to see how a lower credit score immediately saves consumers money. Wateesha in Waco, Texas, said that’s work will help her get a lower car payment. “Last year I bought a car and my interest rate was 20%. Now that has helped my credit I can refinance my car with a 10% interest rate.”

Save Time: Manages the Hassle of Working with Credit Bureaus

Credit report repair is entirely possible to do yourself, but most people don’t have the knowledge or the time it requires to haggle with the three major credit bureaus. That’s where’s effective staff can really make a difference.

“Without your help I would probably still be challenging some of the creditors who truly do not want to help you resolve any issues with your credit report,” says Omar from Riverview, Fla., who also notes that his credit score quickly jumped up by 15 points.

Roxanne from Brooklyn, N.Y., says, “I don’t have to do anything but watch them work it!” She reports good results after just one month.

Help You Correct Your Financial Mistakes and Improve Your Credit’s online tools and helpful customer service can give you the resources you need to understand your finances and make better decisions so you don’t get into trouble with your credit again. The company emphasizes the importance of learning to manage bills and expenses as well as making payments on time going forward. Their straight-forward assistance helps many people increase their awareness of financial issues and ensure that they won’t fall back into bad habits or add negative items to their credit reports.

Bryan from Cottonwood, Utah, says that he’s now able to get the credit he needs. “Just six months ago I could not walk into any, and I mean ‘any’ place of business and get credit. I have not been turned down for credit since has worked for me. My score has risen more than 60 points and my financial life is back under control!”

“We’ve been with them for 2 years now and have seen over a 200 point improvement,” says Richie from Salt Lake City, Utah, who notes that he could get a low-interest loan for the first time.

Plus, helps you keep your good credit score. “The best part is that they continue to monitor my report and send me alerts if negative items appear on my report,” says Marsha from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Working with is different from other credit repair companies because they really do help consumers make long-term changes that impact their finances and save them money. To see more reviews from happy customers, visit

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