’s 3-Step Process to Repair Your Credit Report

If you are looking at repair a credit report, you may have gone through a rough patch with your finances and aren’t sure how to recover. Or you may have not fully understood how credit scores work and the major impact that a few problematic decisions would have on your ability to borrow money, rent a home or even get a job. It can be frustrating and confusing to try to manage your poor credit.

The fact is that your credit score does have a big impact on your life, and improving that score can make a big difference in your peace of mind and your wallet. But you may not know where to begin, or think that there’s anything you can do but wait helplessly for negative credit report items to drop off (which can take 7 to 10 years!).

Fortunately, there are services like that can tackle your credit problems. The experts at have a proven process for analyzing your credit report and removing inaccurate or negative items — actions which can boost your credit score by anywhere from a couple dozen to a couple hundred points. Here’s how they repair your credit report.

3 Step Process To Repair A Credit Report’s process for improving your credit score has three main parts. The “Check, Challenge, Change” process results in an average customer seeing 7% of negative items removed each month, though this can differ depending on your situation.

1. Check

The first part of improving your credit is reviewing your credit reports. The staff at gets reports from all three of the major credit bureaus and checks them carefully for problems. Then they organize their findings so you can quickly see the items that can potentially be changed or challenged. You let them know what changes are most important to you, and their specialists will create a customized Game Plan that meets your goals to repair your credit report.

2. Challenge

This is the hardest part for consumers to do on their own: Challenge the credit companies.’s staff knows the laws that protect consumers like you as well as what to ask and how to ask it for best results. Once a creditor has met their legal obligations to you and a negative or inaccurate item can be corrected, contacts the credit bureaus and requests changes to their reports. That, in turn, boosts your credit score.

3. Change

Just correcting negative items on your credit report won’t help you long term if you don’t take other steps to improve the way you use credit. has several tools to assist you with learning about credit and monitoring your reports, including:

  • An online dashboard that you can access any time for more information about your credit report and how to keep improving it.
  • Trackers that monitor your credit score.
  • A mobile app that lets you check your updated credit information from anywhere.
  • Text and email alerts that caution you about new issues, so you can stay on top of issues and prevent fraudulent or inaccurate items from impacting your credit report.
  • A blog and other educational resources to help you learn more about good use of credit.

Will Work To Repair Your Credit Report?

You may not be sure if’s service will work for you. What if you don’t have inaccurate items on your credit report, and all the negative items are legitimate? Don’t worry — there are still ways to work with creditors and make improvements and repair your credit report.

Creditors and credit bureaus have to follow the measures established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which spells out the responsibilities that creditors have to report fair and accurate information as well as ensure your privacy. Credit laws and regulations are very specific on how creditors can use and present your information, and if there are any items that are not presented fairly and substantiated with evidence, they may be updated or removed.’s expert staff understands the laws and how they can be used to help you.

Have Others Been Successful with

While not everyone can boost their credit scores by a couple hundred points, many people do see improvements after working with a credit repair company like Sometimes changes can be made in a few weeks, and in other cases they can take months, but can usually make changes that will impact your credit score quickly. To see what their satisfied customers have said about how the process worked for them, see the reviews on their website.

Repair Your Credit Report to Change Your Financial Lifestyle

The Three-Step Process can be used over and over again to keep repairing and checking on your credit. The company’s goal is to get you in a healthier position with respect to your credit, and that means assisting you with making permanent changes to how you use credit so you don’t get into trouble again. Consider how much less stressed you will be with a better financial future ahead of you and an improved credit score.

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