myFICO Overview

If you're worried about protecting your credit, myFICO's reporting and credit tracking service gives you access to 28 FICO score versions.

myFICO monitors your credit scores and reports and provides alerts to let you know of any changes. Unlike many other services, myFICO sends you immediate alerts when there are changes to any credit scores. Plus, because it shows you a number of scores, you’ll be able to see how different types of lenders see you.

If you want to know your comprehensive credit scores at any time, myFICO is the right choice.

The best part of myFICO monitoring is definitely the unique access to a number of FICO scores, including from the big three bureaus. As opposed to other services, you get to see your actual score, so you’ll know what you look like to lenders, and you’ll be able to watch for any significant dips in scores that may indicate fraudulent activity.

With the upgraded myFICO Ultimate 3B plan, you’ll also get identity theft protection that surveys online black markets for your financial and personal information. You’ll have access to support and $1 million of insurance in the case of fraud.


  • myFICO costs $19.95 for anytime access to your Equifax report and FICO scores. You can monitor your report for activity, and get help should you fall prey to identity theft.
  • The upgraded Ultimate 3B plan costs $29.95 if you want quarterly reports and score updates from the three bureaus, or $39.95 for monthly updates. You’ll also get identity theft protection and monitoring.

Ease of registration: Along with personal information and identity verification questions, you’ll need to select your plan and provide credit card information.

Mobile friendly: Yes, but you’ll need to have a subscription for use.

Bottom line: For unparalleled access to all of your credit scores, go with myFICO.

Sign up for myFICO

  • FICO Scores are used by more than 90% of top lenders
  • Be notified via text, email, or mobile app within 24 hours of unusual activity
  • US-based certified resolution specialist available 24/7
  • $1 million Identity Theft Insurance available
  • Credit report change alerts for all three credit bureaus