LifeLock Overview

LifeLock offers fraud detection and proactive protection for individuals and families that goes beyond typical networks of other credit monitoring services.

With LifeLock, you can rest easy that your accounts are being regularly watched for fraudulent activity. With a membership, your credit card accounts, loan activity, and any new applications taken out in your name will be tracked, and your social security number will be monitored for any fraudulent usage. LifeLock also offers a reimbursement program if you are subject to any losses due to fraud. With a free app for both Android and iOS, you can receive updated alerts no matter where you are.

LifeLock is perfect for individuals and families looking for continuous and thorough monitoring for fraud.

The biggest perk of LifeLock is that they survey a wide network of potential illegal usage and fraudulent behavior. In addition to the basic survey of your loans and accounts, LifeLock also monitors digital black-market networks; when identity data is stolen, it often shows up on these sites for sale or usage. LifeLock will let you know immediately if any data is compromised, and will help you find a resolution.

In addition to credit and identity theft monitoring, LifeLock has an added bonus of Lost Wallet Protection. Should your wallet be stolen, LifeLock will help you cancel any compromised accounts and will monitor them for any suspicious activity.


  • Standard membership is $9.99 a month and will get you account protection and reimbursement up to $25,000.
  • LifeLock Advantage is $19.99 a month and gets you everything in a standard membership plus up to $100,000 in reimbursement costs, an annual credit report and score from one bureau, and additional monitoring for fictitious identity, crimes committed in your name.
  • The LifeLock Ultimate Plus membership costs $29.99 a month and offers up to $1 million in reimbursement costs, ideal for those with higher net worths. You’ll also get an annual score and report from all three bureaus, and 401k and investment monitoring.
  • If you want to protect the whole family, LifeLock also offers protection for any of your children for just $5.99 a month.

Ease of Registration: Once you choose your membership level, the enrollment process is straightforward: provide your details and any details of family members, add payment, and get started. Download the free app, and you’re ready to watch your credit from anywhere.

Mobile friendly: Yes

Bottom Line: If you’re concerned about identity theft, LifeLock’s deep monitoring networks and reimbursement packages will help you sleep better.

Sign up for LifeLock

  • 24/7 Member Support and mobile app available
  • Lost wallet protection available
  • Services are guaranteed
  • Reimbursement for stolen funds
  • Compensation for personal expenses due to identity theft