Consolidated Credit Overview

Consolidated Credit offers relief for those who are suffering from debt with a variety of available programs available to consumers in all 50 states.

Consolidated Credit, as its name implies, focuses on both debt relief and your credit when you enroll in one of their programs. You’ll get a free consultation that also analyzes your credit so that you can address any errors or fraudulent information right away. Their highly accredited staff will help make recommendations about the right program for you and will be there for you throughout the entire process.

Unlike other companies, Consolidated Credit offers debt relief to consumers in all 50 states—making them an essential option for those who live in areas that other companies don’t serve. Because they don’t have a minimum debt required to enroll, any debt holder can get help.

The biggest perk of Consolidated Credit is that they include improving and understanding your credit report as part of their program. You’ll get reports from all three bureaus, and Consolidated Credit will help you take steps to resolve any issues.

As an added bonus, Consolidated Credit has a website full of useful material to help you educate yourself on the debt relief process and responsible financial management. You can find everything from articles, to calculators, to webinars that will help you start over in the right way.

Cost: Rather than charging a percentage of your debt enrolled, Consolidated Credit charges monthly fees that range from $0 to $69, depending on where you live. They also have an upfront cost between $0 and $49, again dependent on your location.

Bottom Line: Consolidated Credit is one of the oldest and largest debt relief companies, and offers education and resources to help you improve your financial situation as a whole.

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  • Certified professionals available for you as a trusted partner in your journey
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and ISO 9001:2000 registered organization
  • Accredited, trusted, and proven to work for over 5 million people
  • Dedication to serving customers honestly and fairly
  • Have the latest information on trends and laws related to credit card debt and debt relief