Save Your Money Effortlessly With These Secret Saving Tips

Banks Editorial Team · December 20, 2017

Most times, when we think of saving money, we think of mundane tasks like rerouting our work-pay through direct deposit or setting aside a percentage of our bonus to go right into our bank accounts.

They aren’t really fun or interesting ways to think about saving money. Instead, we begin to associate saving our money with negativity and resentment, which isn’t a healthy way to think about our finances every day.

In reality, saving money can actually be a fun and interesting process in your life. You worked hard for your money, and deserve to feel good about it – even when you’re setting it aside for the future.

Here are some secret savings tips for effortlessly saving money:

1. Cash Back Rewards:

Although all credit card and cash back reward policies are different, many cards come with a 15% cash back option at one store, and a 10% cash back option for grocery stores the next month. If you’re someone who sticks to debit payments and cash payments, consider breaking out the credit card based on cash back options you have that month. Only use it if it’s for a purchase you were going to make regardless.

2. Adult Piggy Bank:

When we were kids, we used to set aside change and check on it after a year or two. As an adult, make a jar in which you set aside $5 bills or all the cash you have in your wallet every Sunday afternoon. Do it for a year and check it out on New Years Eve. You’ll find $1,000 to $2,000 of saved money you totally forgot about. Take it and immediately deposit it into your savings account.

3. Resell:

There’s an app for literally everything today. If you’re about to throw out clothes or items around your apartment, be sure to list it on sales apps first. Facebook even has its own “Marketplace” where you can list just about anything for a possible earning. You’ll earn a lot of money from making the effort to market it through these apps today.

4. Savings Accounts:

This one might not sound quite as fun, but what’s truly entertaining about savings accounts is watching the money you’re earning from interest accumulate through your account. Interest rates aren’t stellar right now, but the Fed has promise to keep raising them through 2018. Putting money you don’t need into a savings account will result in even more money in the future simply by keeping that money in that specific account.

Effortless Saving

If you make these new tips part of your everyday lifestyle, you’ll find yourself saving your money in more ways than one without realizing it. You can set aside cash, deposit checks in a savings account, sell your old clothes, and take advantage of credit card rewards programs simultaneously. Saving money will become part of your daily routine, and when you see the rewards, you will never go back.

Make a monetary investment in your future starting with these fun and interactive saving hacks.

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