Essential Financial Apps For Managing Your Life

Banks Editorial Team · December 6, 2017

Because sometimes you just need to take care of business on the go

Whether you’re a single professional living the urban lifestyle you always dreamed of or have settled into family life, it’s often essential to be able to track and manage your financial life on the go.

Thankfully an entire ecosystem of mobile apps are available that will help you do just that. Whether you need to check your bank balance while waiting for soccer practice to end or manage your freelance income, here are some essential apps that will provide insight and clarity no matter where you are.


Mint has been around for several years and is one of the most dependable and respected financial management apps around. It syncs with bank accounts, credit cards and loans to quickly show where you stand and lets you make payments with the click of a few buttons.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

More and more people are finding themselves either between full-time jobs or unable to secure a job in their field and so have turned to freelancing or other gig-economy opportunities. Being a 1099 employee, as is common in many cases, means you’re responsible for sending invoices and monitoring payments. Self-Employed handles invoicing and tracks your income to help with the quarterly tax payments you’re on the hook for. It also syncs with QuickBooks to provide an overall picture of your financial health and activity.

Clarity Money

Quickly see the money you have on hand and track where - and on what - you’re spending it with Clarity Money. While plenty of other apps provide similar overviews, Clarity Money also lets you manage various subscription payments and cancel anything you either no longer use or which has become too big a drain on your wallet. A handy color-coded guide gives an instant snapshot of how responsibly you’re using your credit.


Both PayPal and Venmo are incredibly useful for anyone who needs to send or receive payments quickly and with a minimum of hassle. They can be used to quickly repay a friend for the drinks they bought last night, pay the babysitter without hoping you have a $20 in your wallet or receive payments from freelance and gig clients. Either one can be synced with your bank to transfer funds in and out as needed and will show you how much you’re managing at any given time.

Charitable Giving Apps

Supporting social and other causes is increasingly important to people who are looking to do more good in their lives. Selecting a charity or group can sometimes be imposing, though, and lead to lack of action. Many apps facilitate charitable donations with little to no daily decision-making, offering the ability to change the world behind the scenes while you lead your life. Charity Miles allows sponsoring companies to make donations based on your exercise and fitness routine. One Today will donate $1 a day to a vetted organization automatically, with no extra work from you.

Managing your finances isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time. These and other apps make it easy to keep your budget in check and maybe do a little good while you’re at it.

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