Why You Shouldn't Invest In A 401k In Your 20s

by Banks

Lets be totally blunt. Are you in a 401k? James Altucher honesty think you should take your money out of 401k's. This is what is actually happening in a 401k.  You have absoutley no idea what is happening to your money. And by the way, if you want that money back before the age of 65 you have to pay a huge penalty. They are doing whatever they want with your money. The're investing it in whatever they want. They're paying themsevles salaries. In most mutual funds they're putting it in marketing fees. Hold onto your money. Put your money in your bank account. The average 401k, they won't really tell you this, really returns like 1/2 percent per year. You  don't really make money your 401k, it's just tax-deferred.  When you're in your twenties was does tax-deferred even mean? You're not going to see the money one way or another for 45 years. You're not even 45 years old. What you should do in your twenties and thirties is invest in yourself. Building on multiple sources of income. Investing on getting greater skills. That's how you make money in your twenties and thirties.