How To Quickly Make Money As A Teenager

by Banks

Teenagers know how hard it is to earn money without having a job, and one of the toughest requirements is that most employers require workers to be 16 years old.  In this video Krazyrayray outlines a variety of ways to earn money as a teen.

Dog Walker

The first way is to be a dog walker. Find out if any of your neighbors, friends, or family needs help with their dogs. Many people are too busy (or lazy) and would welcome some assistance in taking their dogs for walks. Plus you get to be outdoors, get some exercise, and hang with dogs.

Car Wash

The second way to make some extra cash is to see if anyone needs his or her cars cleaned. People pay good money to have their cars washed, and you could step in and provide that service to them. Plus you can use your washing supplies from your house. You could end up having your own car washing station.
Mowing People’s Lawns

Lawn care is a booming business, and similar to car washing, you could offer your services to cut lawns. You will definitely want to make sure you’ve had some practice before so you are comfortable using a lawn mower and wont mess up someone’s grass.

Sell Old Clothes

Everyone has old clothes that they no longer wear and likely need to get rid of. Why not sell them for extra cash? Simply use Facebook and search “sell old clothes” to find some local groups. Post the clothes you are interested in selling to the group and let the potential buyers message you.

Household Chores

Talk to your parents about creating a list of weekly chores to do around the house to earn allowance money. Activities could include doing the laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, or washing dishes.


One of the most common ways to make extra money is to babysit. Start by asking your family or friends if they know of any families that would be interested in having you watch their children. You may also want to discuss with your parents your price range per hour. Many teens get paid between $5 and $10 per hour to babysit. It could also be extremely beneficial to get CPR certified if you have interest in babysitting.


Lastly if you are really good at a certain subject you might consider tutoring. Similar to babysitting you would be hired on a per hour basis to help tutor another family’s child. Professional tutors are very expensive so many parents are looking for a more economical solution.

If all else fails you could always go for singing videos on YouTube.