Condescending Coworkers – How To Deal With Them

by Banks

All throughout your life you’ve dealt with condescending individuals. It might have been someone in a group project at school or a coworker or boss at work. The truth is you will deal with all sorts of people throughout your life, and the condescending ones aren’t going away anytime soon. The earlier you learn to deal with these obstacles the better.

Condescending behavior can be combated using a few different techniques.

Kill Them With Kindness

Keeping a positive attitude when dealing with negative and difficult personalities is an amazing diffuser.  It works similar to a fire extinguisher, and their rudeness wont be able to outlast your positive attitude. While it may be hard train yourself to always smile and never let their negativity get under your skin or affect you, it is often a great approach to the situation.

Swallow Your Pride

This is a tough one for many, but it’s all about your frame of mind. A lot of times authority can go to people’s heads, and as a subordinate you will just have to deal with it. You HAVE to remember to not take things personally. Use the situation to create drive for yourself. Know that one day you will be in a similar leading position and will have learned how NOT to act.

Don’t Let Them See You Sweat

Many times the condescending person simply gets enjoyment by getting a rise out of you.  Don’t give them this pleasure. Never let them see you react, especially in a negative way. Hold your emotions until you are out of the office or alone. Without a reaction the pleasure brought by his or her actions loses its appeal.

Prove Them Wrong

This is the ultimate feeling. Maybe you are getting treated with a condescending attitude because they don’t think you can handle the job responsibility. This is your opportunity to hit a homerun and prove that everyone was wrong about you. There is nothing better than exceeding someone’s expectations, and it presents an opportunity to show your worth.

While every situation is different there is one thing that remains constant. You cannot fight fire with fire. Never respond to a condescending coworker in the same manner. It will only create an elevated conflict and increases the chances of a negative result for you.

What are some tips you use for dealing with condescending people?