How The Ultra-Rich Travel For Thanksgiving

by Banks

For Americans Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. We can expect long lines at the airport, traffic backed up on our roadways, and a day filled with stress as we try to get to our holiday destinations. The ultra-rich will be avoiding this altogether as they sip from their rosé branded sippy cups.

Manhattan’s 1% are now able to use Blade’s app-based aviation service to fly to their private jets at the Teterboro Airport located in New Jersey. They will be looking down on everyone else struggling to get across town as the entire trip takes only five minutes by way of helicopter. The new service is called Blade Bounce, and it costs $800 for six seats.  That works out to be about $2.67 per second of transportation.

Greg Ramey, Blade’s director of new markets, says that a group of six travelers would pay a similar price if they used a car service. Blade expects to be able to fly to other New York City-area airports in the near future to cater to those who don’t fly on private jets. Sigh.....I look forward to seeing more helicopters in the sky on the way to JFK through the window of my cab.

Source: CNN Money