Life, by Cassie Nov 24, 2014

Suffice it to say that I had difficulties fitting in as a young child. I really wasn’t all that different from anyone else in my class; I just happened to be unlucky — the odd one out in the popularity lottery. I tried to fit in using the only major tool I had at my disposal at the time: how I looked.

These were the years of Adidas tear away pants, Umbro checkered gym shorts, Calvin Klein and Jordache jeans. Go '90s.

Tips & Tools, by Jim McLaughlin Nov 24, 2014

It seems counterintuitive when the biggest financial problem I face is high debt and low-ish income, but I can’t help but wonder whether paying for a financial planner might be a worthy investment that’ll help my money work even better for me in the relatively short term, especially because I’m coming up to some major life changes.

Success, by Banks Nov 21, 2014

Many people ask how to get a good credit rating score, or what to do to even begin getting credit. Know this, it cannot be done overnight, and to get good credit you must actually have some.