Life, by Banks Dec 09, 2014

A reader wrote in explaining how she recently got her stepdaughter a credit card on her eighth birthday.

Life, by Abby Dalton Dec 09, 2014

Why preparing for the worst can sometimes turn out for the best.

Life, by Kaleigh Ward Dec 08, 2014

My mom has recently taken on a task that is exactly as practical as it is morbid: preparing her will. There are a lot of variables at work to make the process both extensive and involved, so she’s asked me to help with one part of the project.

Tips & Tools, by Savvy Financial Latina Dec 05, 2014

We all grow up thinking college is your ticket to success. You go to high school, attend college, and you get this amazing job... But here's the reality.

Tips & Tools, by Mitch Marsden Dec 04, 2014

It depends. I personally know individuals who have made great money and profits by investing in their friend’s company/idea or by joining a friend to build a business. However, there are also many who experience not only a financial loss, but emotional losses by getting involved this way. Consider the following questions — your answers to them should help guide you to the right decision.

Life, by Jim McLaughlin Dec 04, 2014

For all who are feeling like losers after moving back in with their parents, let me assure you that’s probably not the case, so long as you’ve got a plan and a willingness to make it a home, however temporary.

Tips & Tools, by Jessica Streit Dec 03, 2014

This phrase, “you only live once” or YOLO is showing up in advertising all over the country. It’s meant to encourage people to get out and enjoy their lives. It’s meant to inspire people to try new adventures, to love harder and play more often. However, YOLO does not mean "ignore your finances and spend freely." YOLO does not give you an excuse to accrue debt in the name of fun.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Dec 03, 2014

If any of these items sound familiar, you may want to change your money habits ASAP.

Work, by I Am 1 Percent Dec 03, 2014

There’s a lot more to salary than just salary. You need to take a look at the total compensation package to determine how good an offer really is compared to another.

Tips & Tools, by Staff Writer Dec 02, 2014

Lots has been written about how the various generations handle money. Millennials have been traumatized by economic disaster; Gen X isn't saving for retirement; and baby boomers are spending their children’s inheritance. Maybe these things are true and maybe they aren't, but it comes down to this: Everyone needs to manage debt, save money, and plan for the future. Without an understanding of common financial terms, you can't do any of that — regardless of what year you were born.