Life, by Banks Feb 09, 2015
Chinese American Babies

Chinese families want an American child because a foreign passport could be their opportunity to escape China.

Work, by I Am 1 Percent Feb 06, 2015

Many people may not know this, but Abraham Lincoln ran and lost many State Legislature, U.S. Congress, and Vice Presidential races before becoming President of the United States.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Feb 05, 2015
 Tax Extension Saves Money

While an IRS-approved tax extension provides you six extra months to file, it does not allow extra time to pay any tax balance due. This doesn’t mean, however, that filing a tax extension won’t save you money.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Feb 04, 2015
5 Investing Tips

Here’s a little secret: You don’t need to be an expert with years of investing experience to be a good investor.

Work, by Banks Feb 03, 2015
Best Tips For Interview Success

For some, going through the interview process is one of the most nerve-racking experiences in life. There are so many unknowns. What is the interviewer looking for in a candidate? Do I have the skills? Do I have the right experience? We’ve compiled a list of the best tips from readers they attribute to interview success.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Feb 02, 2015
Teach Children How Much You Make

Money is often a source of mystery to children. They understand its importance and sense its power. For any of us that have kids we know they ask questions about money - lots of questions over the years. All too commonly us adults do a terrible job of answering them.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Jan 30, 2015

Celebrities and money gurus share their best financial advice. We’ve outlined some of our favorites.

Work, by Banks Jan 29, 2015
 Employment Background Check

In today’s career world employers have access to more personal material than ever before. When it comes to hiring they will put in the time and effort to do full background and social media checks on potential hires because they don’t want someone that could be a liability.

Life, by Katherine O'Meara Jan 28, 2015

To fake an adult lifestyle while earning little more than I did during college, I’ve adapted a few coping strategies.

Success, by Banks Jan 27, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX is already setting records even before the Patriots and Seahawks take the field.