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Although there is no doubt that having a college degree makes a significant difference in the quality of life of young adults, making smart decisions before and during college can be the difference between financial success and lasting struggles with debt.

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The tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt that many borrowers owe can take years, or even decades, to pay off – and that’s if you earn enough money to make the payments. No wonder many graduates feel overwhelmed, or even hopeless.

Finding a way to get on top of your student loan debt is crucial. Ignore it and your balances will just continue to grow. You may even find yourself dodging debt collectors.

Work, by Contributor Jun 22, 2015

Don’t box yourself in by only learning the skills that are specific to your profession. The more skills you have, the more value you can bring to any situation.

Here are 7 key skills that you need to learn, regardless of your path in life:

Life, Tips & Tools, by Sarah K. Jun 09, 2015

Ah, summer. After the doldrums of winter, sunny skies and swimsuit weather are welcome treats.

But as the temperature rises, so does the temptation to spend. Here are a few ways you can keep your credit card bill manageable during the warm weather months:

1. Re-evaluate Recurring Spending

Every summer, I put a hold on my Hulu Plus account. Although the savings aren’t huge, there’s no sense in paying the fee when my TV shows are on hiatus until the fall. Several of my friends report freezing their...

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Newlywed Financial Mistakes

Many people that are young are getting married or preparing to get married. They are worried about the financial mistakes they could make.

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Improve Your Open Rates

Despite sending legitimate emails to customers who have opted in, by some estimates nearly 20 percent of all email marketing messages are caught in spam filters.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Apr 23, 2015

Payroll companies know that online offerings are getting better and better. These eight add-on HR services could bring a significant boost to your bottom line.

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Tax Extension

Many people aren’t aware that you can get a tax extension and furthermore don’t know the benefits.

Life, by Banks Mar 17, 2015
 Facebook Messenger Payments

Facebook has announced it will be rolling out a new feature that will separate itself from the playing field.

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 Tony Stark Change The World

Our favorite superheroes have entertained us for countless years and they can also inspire us.